'My 600-lb Life'-inspired life hacks, weight loss diet swaps to beat obesity now

If we learn anything from Dr. Nowzaradan of TLC's "My 600-lb Life [VIDEO]" it's to treat obesity sooner rather that later. The New Year is the perfect time to start a weight loss regimen. But many January diets fail by February because folks go gung-ho, get overwhelmed and give up. To succeed, eat healthier one day at a time, in little ways. Don't think diet as much as #food swaps. Here are 35 ways to clean up your plate and lose weight today.   'My 600-lb Life'-inspired diet hacks, weight loss food swaps to beat obesity now

Jana Duggar, Jill Dillard Thanksgiving pics unglue 'Counting On' reality TV fans

There's never a shortage of drama when Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar of "19 Kids and Counting" update their Duggar Family Facebook page. And it's not over Joy-Anna Duggar's oddly large baby bump this time. The newest bruhaha erupted over Thanksgiving pictures of Jill Duggar Dillard with what looks like a nose ring and Jana Duggar's "fake" smile. Some "Counting On" fans questioned while others defended the Duggars.   Jana Duggar, Jill Dillard Thanksgiving pics unglue 'Counting On' reality TV fans

Jill Duggar pregnant or delaying pregnancy weight loss?: 'Counting On' fans ask

Is Jill Duggar Dillard pregnant again or is the "Counting On" Reality TV star delaying weight loss after pregnancy? Fans are wondering because Duggar showed what appeared to be a baby bump at the wedding of Joe Duggar and Kendra Caldwell. The "19 Kids and Counting" star has been under stress between the new baby, leaving the mission field, the incest lawsuit, Josh Duggar [VIDEO], and an unemployed husband. Derick Dillard is enough to stress a saint with his charity scam, transgender Twitter war, and quitting his job.   Jill Duggar pregnant or delaying pregnancy weight loss?: 'Counting On' fans ask

Oprah Winfrey wows with weight loss at Hurricane Harvey benefit, on O magazine

If you subscribe to O, The Oprah magazine, you know that each issue features creator #Oprah Winfrey on the cover. In recent issues, the celebrity has seemed slimmer but in October's O, just wow. Ms. W shows eye-popping weight loss in her cover photo. She also looked thinner at a Hurricane Harvey benefit event September 12. The Emmy-nominated actress should turn some heads presenting at the Emmys on September 17. So, how did she lose weight? it has to do with living life to the fullest   Oprah Winfrey wows with weight loss at Hurricane Harvey benefit, on O magazine

Beauty tips after 50: retinol, collagen and moisturizers

Having a haircut recently, I realized that 53 years weren't being kind to my face. Dry skin, wrinkles, deep creases, you get the not-so-pretty picture. Part of the trouble is that I have an on-again, off-again relationship with moisturizers and decided that it was time to get serious with them again. I've tried to keep costs low by using Meijer brands of Oil of Olay, Neutragena and a few others. I love Lancome but can't afford it. And having psoriasis means I have to watch what I use. But my skin looks so old that I was desperate. So I went to TJ Maxx and got an arsenal of discount products. And good news, I think it's working though I'm not sure which product specifically or all together. Here's what I use on face and neck.

Plant-based retinol oil 2x a day
Collagen cream (two kinds)
Day and night cream both with retinol and collagen

Cost for 4 products: $32. One was a huge tub of cream like the size they use at spas. 

Padma Lakshmi quits weight loss regimen: sweet reason 'Top Chef' nixed dieting

 After confessing to weight gain, "Top Chef" star Padma Lakshmi announced that she has stopped dieting. Or at least she's not chasing the perfect size 0 dress anymore. The reality television host has had it with anorexic diets that are more eating disorder than a meal plan. And her reason for doing so will surprise and endear you. But is the celebrity chef advocating obesity as healthier than weight loss?  Padma Lakshmi quits weight loss regimen: sweet reason 'Top Chef' nixed dieting

Back to school clothes shopping for overweight girls: how to dress your plus-size teen

If you think buying clothes is difficult for an overweight adult, try shopping for a plus-size teen. Helping overweight teens shop for back to school clothes can be a nightmare for both of you. Kids struggle with body image and kids who are obese even more so. Some care too much about fashion and it affects their school performance, worrying about how they look. Some kids don't care enough. Their wardrobe is early dumpster. Teach kids to take pride in their looks no matter what they weigh. Here are style advice tips for plus-size girls' fall fashions, the fab and fail. Overweight women should follow these tips too.

Avoid too-small clothing. She may ask, "does this make me look fat?" Yes, it does, if it's too tight. Nobody sees clothing size. They see fit. You may not be overweight or you may only have 10 pounds to lose. Packed into too-tight clothes, all the bulges show. This goes for bras, underwear and jeans, too. Save the muffin top for the bakery!

Nix the saggy, baggy look. Wearing too-big clothes makes you look bigger not smaller. Now oversized shirts cinched and belted at the waist can work. Done right, it's a flattering look on plus-size women. But the rest of the ensemble--leggings, slacks, jeans--should fit properly.

Choose a lightweight, linen suit. Wear baggier, lightweight pants with stretch or drawstring waist. Wear a long, lightweight blouse over it. Or wear a strapless cami with shell jacket over it. Just make sure it fits.

Avoid shapeless or A-line dresses. They accentuate the belly and make you look pregnant. Belt skirts or fitted dresses to highlight smaller waist compared to larger bust and hips. Avoid mini skirts. Opt for full maxi dresses or skirts or those that just above the knee or a smidge higher.

Flare leg pants rock. This style trends in and out. But flare leg pants should stay in the plus-size gal's (and guy's) wardrobe. Whether long-legged or short, narrow-thigh flared jeans accentuate positive and disguise negative. Straight-leg jeans make legs look bigger.

Wear shoes with heels. Under pants or dresses, high-heeled boots, wedge sandals, pumps and stilettos put the focus on height. Opt for shaped, form-fitting heels, not clumpy flats. If you like lower heels, choose Gladiator sandals or open-toed flip-flops with a little lift. Tall boots look great on just
about everyone, with or without heels.

Choose long fitted T-shirts and blouses with larger collars, darts and side gathers. Wear flowing tops with empire waists or cinched with a wide belt with cute buckle. Avoid full gathered tops. Choose for chest size so buttons don't gap. Avoid cap sleeves, tank tops, spaghetti straps and strapless blouses alone. You can wear them under sweaters and suit coats. Look for long-sleeved, mid-arm or three quarter length. Choose halter tops for summer. They create a flattering neckline and upper body. Cover big arms with a light cardigan sweater.

Accentuate the decolletage. One plus to being plus-sized is a more generous chest. Celebrate cleavage, but don't advertise. Sport a peek, don't display the continental divide. Scoop, V, crew and square necks flatter big-busted girls.

Keep an eye on patterns. Look for vertical pin-stripe slacks. Wear large paisley, jacquard, plaid prints where you want minimize and small prints where you want to maximize. If you wear floral, choose tasteful designs. Stick to vertical, diagonal, hounds-tooth check patterns or solids. Avoid logos, pictures and lettered clothing. Choose professional patterns, not cutesy or childish designs. Be careful with animal prints.

Wear breathable fabric. Knit and polyester-cotton blends give room to move and prevent chafing. Choose stretch jeans and dress pants with Lycra or Spandex blended in but avoid wearing those alone. Good fabrics are soft lace, eyelet, silk, chambre, tweed, jersey, satin, velveteen, hemp, linen and ruch; skip taffeta and other stiff, unyielding fabrics.

Go with colors looks good on you. Downplay big bottoms or bellies with neutral colors. Accentuate curves with dark, rich, bold, lush colors: metallic, earth tones, deep red, royal purple, dark blue and basic black and even animal prints, tastefully done. Wear dark and light contrasts. Avoid pastel, neon or garish colors.

Accessorize with care. Skip bows and ties on blouse fronts. Center gems, brooches and beading to draw attention to positives. Wear loose neck scarves, elongated earrings and necklaces and chunky rings and bracelets. If you have nice feet, show off with a pedicure, toe ring and ankle bracelet

'19 Kids and Counting' sisters' 'sexy' poses raise debate over hottest Duggar

Do things look not-quite-sincere about the Duggar sisters of "Counting On?" The family's earlier reality TV show "19 Kids and Counting" was all about preaching Bible modesty, purity, and humility. But the ladies are now practicing some very worldly "immodesty." In fact, their seductive fashion-forward posing and "sexy" made-up Instagram pictures have given rise to debates over plastic surgery, who's the hottest Duggar and false advertising.    '19 Kids and Counting' sisters' 'sexy' poses raise debate over hottest Duggar

Rihanna plumps out after scary weight loss: Twitter exults in curvy 'Thickanna'

Move over Beyonce, because Rihanna is showing equally booty-licious curves. And you'd better shake a leg too, #Tina Turner. Rih-Rih is giving you some competition in thighs and is proud to do so. The "Umbrella" singer is rejoicing with boobs and a butt after scary "anorexic" weight loss. What's up with Rihanna's weight gain? Don't know, don't care, say Twitter fans--they're just delighted that "Thickanna" is back.    Rihanna plumps out after scary weight loss: Twitter exults in curvy 'Thickanna'

Mama June looks like Kate Gosselin after weight-loss plastic surgery?

Who wore it best, #Kate Gosselin or Mama June Shannon? That's a question few expected to ever be asked. But since the "Here Comes #Honey Boo Boo" matriarch's massive weight loss and plastic surgery, comparisons are being made between Shannon and her fellow reality TV diva of "#Kate Plus 8." WEtv promises on "From Not to Hot" that Mama June is now a size 4 after weighing 460 pounds. Her makeover includes breast implant, tummy tuck, and skin removal surgeries, and folks swear she looks just like Gosselin.  Read on Mama June looks like Kate Gosselin after weight-loss plastic surgery?